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Pilbara Ports Authority – Data Migration

Pilbara Ports Authority – Technical Documentation Solution

Pinc Group delivered Pilbara Ports Authority a solution to manage their technical documentation including design and vendor data, documents and drawings. The solution included the creation of document control procedures and processes (including the naming and numbering procedure) and the training documentation.

Pinc Group reconfigured the eDMS in order to best manage technical data as well as classifying, re-badging and loading over 18,000 documents.

Classification of the documents and drawings included the addition of metadata to all documents in order for users to easily locate data when searching.

Working closely with the Pilbara Ports Authority’s Strategic Asset Manager allowed the Pinc Group team to tailor the solution to ensure the end users (maintenance crews, engineering, etc) enjoyed maximum ease of use and the ability to find related documentation efficiently.

Delivered within budget and on schedule, the project was delivered thanks to the Pinc Group in-house Document Control team. With the Pilbara Port Authority being a world class resources exporter with a 24/7 operation, it was vital that the documentation that it uses daily to maintain it’s plant be available at all times. With a focus on easy of use, the classification of their critical documentation will ensure that moving forward all users can find, open and print what they need, when they need it.

Pinc Group have enjoyed an ongoing relationship with the Pilbara Ports Authority including the project management of the Utah Point Berth Project which went onto win a number of awards nationally. Servicing a range of resource clients, the multi-user stockyard, shiploader and associated equipment was delivered by Pinc Group at above name plate detail to world class standards.

The project high-lighted Pinc Groups in-house systems (including PincCost and PincDocs) and the ability for a lean delivery team to work with the client in a tough economic market and deliver real outcomes for all stakeholders. The project was helped by outstanding contributions from both the Goodline-ECM JV and all site contractors involved.

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