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Pinc Group were engaged by Perth’s largest independently owned accountancy firm, Pascoe Partners to manage the set-up, processes and migration of 4,500 clients from a manual paper based filing system across to an eDMS (electronic document management system) – MYOB DM.

The work included procedure writing, system configuration, stakeholder management and the scanning, naming, classification and checking of over 100,000 documents.

With over 40 years of documentation in the mix, Pascoe Partners were looking to streamline their business to ensure an easier interaction between their Perth and satellite offices. By moving to a fully integrated electronic system, Pascoe Partners were able to utilise resources from across their offices to assist with all levels of accountancy work without needing to transfer hard copy files.

By creating a consistent taxonomy (naming, numbering and metadata schema) for Pascoe Partners, Pinc Group were able to align the document types and ensure that moving forward all documents created or received by Pascoe Partners would be managed by client using an easy and value adding methodology.

With over 80 Pascoe Partners staff included in the implementation, Pinc Group delivered a comprehensive training package and ran group and individual training sessions. By configuring the eDMS to manage client, ATO and internal Pascoe Partners generated corporate documents, the solution delivered covered all facets of the organisation and it’s data and documentation.

With an immediate and noticeable improvement in productivity directly linked to reducing lost time (searching for documents, couriering documents between offices, printing documents, hard copy filing of documents, etc) the end result of the eDMS implementation was a value add to the business as a whole.

By ensuring that the eDMS procedures and functionality was approved and driven at partner level within the organisation, Pascoe Partners were successful in what many initially saw as a daunting task – and with the partners leading the way, the organisation followed and is now more productive and cohesive for it.


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