Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate

Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate – Project Management

Pinc Group were engaged by the Chief minister and Treasury Directorate ACT to provide commercial, contracts management and project management and services across a range of projects and Directorates (ETD, Health, JACs, CMA, Treasury) which involved design management and construction management services.

Pinc Group is a member of PCW’s Senior Commercial Managers Panel and provides consulting services to the Infrastructure Finance and Advisory Division (IFAD) of CMTEDD in support of major capital works procurement. As part of this Panel, Pinc Group works within an integrated client team providing commercial support to the Territory’s first Public Private Partnership in connection with the ACT Law Courts Project.

Pinc Group has been involved with the establishment of the Capital Framework (TCF) and the Partnership Framework (TPF) and has worked closely with PCW (and the Government Solicitor’s Office) over the past 3 years in developing and administering GC21 contracts including for the design and construction of Bonner and Franklin schools and the two stage lump sum contracts rolled out by HIP.

Following the construction and handover of Bonner and Franklin Schools, Pinc provided a range of commercial management services at the Canberra Hospital campus in relation to the health infrastructure capital works program (HIP). These services involved working with the Government Solicitors Office (GSO) too formulate the special conditions needed to convert the ACT version of the GC21 contract into a new ECI 2 stage lump sum contract that were utilised on the following D&C contracts:

  • Canberra Hospital Essential Works – Infrastructure and Engineering
  • Secure Mental Health Unit
  • University of Canberra Public Hospital
  • Canberra Hospital Staging and Decanting

Pinc Group were also involved in the establishment of contracts for the design and construction of the Calvary Hospital Multi-story Car Park and Building 1 Level 5 at the Canberra Hospital campus.

Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate