ACT Government – Shared Services (GC21)

ACT Government – GC21

Pinc Group were selected in an open tender with the ACT Government to provide project management and contract management services for the design and construction of various building projects in the ACT utilising the new GC21 General Conditions of Contract.

With 5 years experience in major infrastructure projects in the ACT, Pinc Group were well positioned to deliver large infrastructure projects in the ACT using GC21. With their bespoke system that allow them to manage all aspects of Project Services and their strong track record in delivering major projects in Australia, Pinc Group have the resources, systems and safety mindset to deliver all sizes and complexities of modern projects.

As a major proponent of GC21, Pinc Groups in-depth knowledge and proven ability to work with and beside some of the ACT’s best contracting companies while upholding the major tenets of GC21 allows for a strong project delivery model. With our in-house systems (PincCost – managing Cost Control and Contracts Administration and PincDocs – managing Document Control and Document Management) along with a number of best of breed products, Pinc Group ensures that their clients are fully supported with all levels of project and management reporting.

Understanding your contracts, costs, schedule and scope is the key to delivering world class project and utilising GC21 allows Pinc Group to ensure that there are no surprises on a project with budgets, commitments and forecasts all managed alongside the estimating and trending work which is the heart of capital control.

With the advent of GC21 likely to be occurring in Western Australia, again Pinc Group will look to working closely with their Perth based clients who are looking to utilise GC21 for regional West Australian projects. Given Pinc Group’s strong ties with local contractors in delivering projects using integrated project teams, it is expected that the use of GC21 will soon become the norm nation wide with Pinc Group leading the way in it’s delivery and understanding.