Document Control

Document Control Your Project

Pinc Group have been delivering Document Control services, solutions, staff and training in the resources sector for the last 9 years to the following resource based clients in the mining, oil and gas and infrastructure sectors:

  • Resource Owners
  • Resource Operators
  • EPCM Providers
  • EPC Delivery Teams
  • On Site Contractors
  • Engineering Providers

document control

We have the procedures to manage any size project and the knowledge and systems to deliver the Document Control in a low cost, low risk, planned method.

Project Documentation

Project Non-Technical Data

We manage all aspects of project documentation including: Managed securely with controlled access for the following types of project teams, disciplines and departments:
  • Design Drawings, Document and Data
  • Vendor Drawings and Data
  • Project Procedural Documents
  • Safety
  • Contracts, Procurement and Expediting
  • Finance and Commercial
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Site Construction Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Engineering Disciplines
  • Project Controls
  • Administration


With our web based, turn-key proprietary system ‘PincDocs’, all your project data can be managed securely and  with the following in-built functionality, your project can hit the ground running immediately.

Document Control Consulting Services



PincDocs in-built Functionality


  • Automatic Numbering (using multiple naming conventions for Technical and Non-Technical Documents)
  • Bulk Place Holder Allocation (to allow you to reserve numbers prior to document submission)
  • Squad Check / Work Flow functionality (including editable matrices to allow groups of reviewers to be managed)
  • Transmittal functionality (including zipping the transmittal with the electronic files ready for issue to third parties)
  • Full reporting across all modules (including the ability to report across multiple projects or operations)
  • Export to Excel (allowing all of the metadata in each module to be manipulated outside of the system)
  • Full searching across all metadata, exportable at any time


  • Cloud based system with data stored on the Clients site or hosted externally
  • Easy set-up via naming protocol and metadata upload
  • Web interface for search/view functions for all users
  • Document access and security based on user requirements
  • Linked file capability for storing and retrieving documents and drawings
  • Import and export of data from existing systems
  • Mobile access (tablet/phone) and low bandwidth for remote sites
  • Easy reporting functionality and on-hand Business Intelligence Data


  • Written in 4.0/C# 4.0 web application running on a .Net Framework 4.0
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 database running on Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Client side internet technologies including Ajax and Jason
  • Hosted in a secure cbd data centre, and/or on the client's webserver and accessible via client intranet, citrix or webserver
  • Ongoing upgrades to existing functionality
  • Secured using https and custom encryption methods as well as user/group level security
  • Web Services available for external system to call PincSys functionalities
  • Users are verified by a dedicated authentication server and data traffic is authenticated and encrypted using transport layer security and digital certificates
  • Document level security is customised by client by creating user level permissions down to document type limitations