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Pinc Group Project Controls ConsultingProject Controls Consulting

Pinc Group deliver results with our project controls consulting services, of which one key aspect is Cost Control. We understand the end-to-end processes needed to manage and report project costs. Our cost control procedures, trained personnel and software allow for the following processes to be managed:

  • estimation of cost
  • establishment of control budgets
  • management of commitments
  • management of expenditure
  • cashflow forecasting
  • trending
  • forecast cost at completion
  • variance analysis

Project Controls Consulting can be part of the Project Readiness stage whereby we put into places the procedural documents required for your next project. We can create or review your estimate, run your Risk Management workshops, assist with your technical reviews and implement the systems and processed your project needs prior to start-up.

Our Project Controls Consulting service can also be used to review your existing Project Controls processes and systems and advise you on where improvement will add value to your project and organisation. We can review your existing coding structures and update them where required as well as provide best practice input on your data collection and business intelligence processes.

We create Asset Breakdown Structures to manage your operations assets and Work Breakdown structures to manage your project costs.

We also provide a forensic planning service whereby we can assist in dispute resolution bought about by EOT claims and issues.

Pinc Group Project Controls Consulting services can provide all levels of in-house training to your existing teams and on-hand support during your high manning project phases. We have fully qualified project controls staff who can assist any size team as required.

Project Controls allows you to clearly understand your project via structured internal reporting and controls and Pinc Group provides the mechanisms, staff and experience to ensure your project is always on target with a controlled delivery.


Pinc Group Project Controls Consulting Services


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