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Pinc Group Project Management ConsultingProject Management Consulting

The Pinc Group Project Management Consulting services deliver projects at the lowest cost, efficiently and on schedule.  Pinc Group Project Management Consulting provides qualified, experienced management to lead your project at all levels.

Pinc Group provide many types of Project Management Consulting including construction (mining, oil and gas, infrastructure), IT (system implementation and development), Project and Operational Readiness management and system and business improvement management.

Pinc Group use our Project Services and Project Controls systems which manage scope, cost, time, risk, contracts and documentation. This is why we deliver world class Project Management Consulting services and solutions at a lower cost as we can control and manage all types of projects.

Pivotal to our project management consulting philosophy is the requirement that the project team members communicate effectively. Communication across the project means clear information and directives. We manage our clients requirements and our implementers needs. We manage our contractors and our vendor/suppliers as well as out third party engineers and service providers.

No matter what type of project you have, the management of the data, costs, schedule and detail is critical to the successful outcome of you project. Reporting is one of the many key area’s that our Project Management Consulting services focus on – timely delivery of forecasts, critical path scheduling and concise reporting allows you to understand and control your project. We can assist with the submittal of your EPA, build-up of your team (client integrated, salt and pepper teams are out forte) and ensure that the right personnel are on hand for all roles.

Site management and administration as well as head office staff will all be working to your Project Execution Plan and we can provide overflow or project offices if required.

Pinc Groups Project Management Consulting services are equal to the best in the world – we are your team and we work for you to deliver your project.

Award winning Project Management Services – Utah Point Port Hedland


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