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Project Controls System PincCost – Cost and Construction Progress and Control

Pinc Group’s project controls system ‘PincCost’ is a comprehensive cost and progress management tool that can be used in any construction environment (Contractor/EP/EPC/EPCM). The system has a low usage footprint making it ideal for site use and can be implemented on your project easily and at a low price point. 

PincCost has simple data inputting functionality and built in reporting.

It manages all facets of cost control including:

  • Budgets
  • Forecasts
  • QMR
  • Invoice management
  • Reporting

PincCost System Screenshots:

Logon and main screen PincCost Dictionaries CER’s – These are generated within the system, with records stored Full Construction Progress Management – QMR input shown here 
PincCost PincCost PincCost PincCost

 Pinc Group – Projects in Control

The main characteristics of the system include:

Multiple coding structures

  • ABS (multi-level Asset Breakdown Structure)
  • WBS (work packages)
  • Commodity
  • Contract/Purchase Order No
  • Phase
  • Others as required (user defined)

Multiple Budgets

  • Budget uploaded from Quest/Success or any csv

Record Attributes for all contracting strategies

Cost Item type:

  • LS - Lump Sum
  • SR – Schedule of Rates (Unit Price)
  • DW – Day Works, Time and materials
  • RM – Reimbursable
  • AL – Alliance
  • OT – Other – anything else

Variable Record Type

  • Cost and Progress, Cost only, Progress only
  • Unit of Measure

Other main characteristics

  • Multiple user defined fields
  • Link to SAP codes etc.
  • Project Progress (VoW) and Construction Progress
  • QMR upload or manual
  • Able to manage actual direct hours at different level to earned if required
  • CER budget management and control