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  Document Management System


Document Control and Document Management System

Pinc Group have created a simple to use, easy to implement, cost effective, web-based Document Management System.  With a modular design, PincDocs will manage all types of documents and data securely for a single or multiple projects.  The Document Management modules manage corporate, procedural and correspondence documents.  The Document Control system manages technical design and vendor drawings and documents. There is also a module to store documents that you do not need to control within your project or operational numbering guidelines.

PincDocs can be delivered via the cloud (e.g. an Azure instance) and has low bandwidth delivery protocol to service remote applications.  Files can to be replicated on multiple servers (remote sites + head office) or split across servers by the type of document stored.  The solution uses a group/user structure to securely manage confidential documents.

PincDocs can publish through to your intranet (i.e. SharePoint) and has a set of standard data dictionaries (pick lists for metadata fields) that are fully editable by your team.  Both auto-numbering and a bulk place-holder functionality are available.  Multiple operations or projects can be managed with an advanced search capability allowing users to search across multiple sites/projects.

All of the standard document control and document management processes are written into the software and there is both in-system reports as well as Power BI visualisation.  PincDocs has multiple levels of searching using free text, date and metadata fields as well as ‘export to excel’ functionality.

PincDocs has both automated work-flow (internal document review delivered via email notification) and transmittal (documents issued to third parties) functionality and can be quickly rolled out within a project, operation or corporate environment.

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