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Document Control and Document Management System

Pinc Group have created a simple to use, easy to implement, cost effective, web-based Document Management System and a technical Document Control Solution to manage all types of documents and data.  The Document Management system is used to manage corporate, procedural and correspondence documents.  The Document Control system manages technical design and vendor drawings and documents.

PincDocs is written in .net and is sql based and both the software and your documents can be located on your local server or hosted externally.  The configuration of PincDocs allows files to be replicated on multiple servers (ideal for remote sites/head office) or even split across servers by the type of document stored.

PincDocs also has a low bandwidth / small footprint so it takes up very little space across light links and can be configured using groups and users to securely manage confidential documents.

PincDocs can publish through to your intranet (i.e. SharePoint) using XML and comes with a set of standard data dictionaries (pick lists for metadata fields) that are fully editable by your team and are used as the basis for the auto-numbering and bulk place-holder functionality available in PincDocs.  PincDocs can manages multiple companies, operations or projects and has an advanced search capability allowing users to search across multiple installations if required.

All of the standard document control and document management processes are written into the software and the inbuilt reports allow users to interrogate data and document history. PincDocs also has multiple levels of searching using free text, date and metadata fields as well as ‘export to excel’ functionality to allow users to export their search results or the complete database content to an excel worksheet in order to manipulate the data.

PincDocs has both work-flow (internal document review) and transmittal (management of documents issued to third parties) functionality as well as a host of other Document Control functionality and can be implemented ready for use, in 3 days if required.

PincDocs Implementation
Client Input
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The Document Management system cost is a one off fee including 1 years of licences for a standard installation which includes the implementation and training on the system.  The time frame for an implementation can be as little as 3 days from receipt of the order, client logo and address details.

Support and Maintenance:

Ongoing support and maintenance is available on a month to month or yearly basis.


Pinc Group can host an installation of PincDocs for a client if required.

A new client only needs to supply their logo and address – PincDocs does the rest.

PincDocs comes with a fully editable standard set of dictionaries that allow you to add metadata to your documents in order to make searching and retrieval easier in the future.

All of the required processes, reports and training manuals come with the system – simple to use, easy to implement and cost effective.

PincDocs Hardware Requirements:

  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Minimum of 8 GB of ram
  • 100GB hard drive capacity
  • 64bit processor
  • 4 core

All documents stored in PincDocs can be replicated on multiple servers allowing easy local access to the documents (i.e. a site / offshore server and a head office server).

PincDocs can integrate with Active Directory (AD) or a separate security module allows third parties to access the system

Document Management System – PincDocs