Products and Software Solutions

Pinc Group Products – Our Software Solutions

Pinc Group has developed a number of software products that provide solutions to the requirements of many companies in the resources and professional sectors. We can assist resources based Contractors, EPC and EPCM providers as well as Operational and Corporate organisations along with all professional organisations who deal with cost, schedule and data issues.  This includes Accountancy, Legal, Service and Administration providers.

We have developed Project Management systems that allow us to deliver world class projects safely and cost effectively. Pinc Group have both a project cost control system and a low cost Document Management / Document Control system that is easily deployable, web based, low band width solution for your business or project.

We manage corporate data (including HR, Financial, Administration and Customer based Records). We also manage operational records along with technical (including design, vendor and maintenance) data.

We manage the project and operational costs (including managing estimates and providing budget and forecasting capability) as well as the management of contractor costs to ensure targets are met and managed. We also integrate cost control with contracts administration with in our systems along with schedule and procurement control.

Our systems operate at a detailed level including invoice management and Quantity and Manhour reporting and management.

Whatever your business, Pinc Group can add the control and insight into each area and ensure you’re never the last to know when you should be the first – our products, your productivity.

Our current suite of products and software solutions includes:

  • PincDocs > Document Management and Document Control for Corporate, Operations and Projects
  • PincCost > Cost and construction progress and control
  • PincCom > Contracts Management and Site Administration
  • PincInvoice > Invoice payment schedule management
  • PincForce > QMR requirements management of a project across all phases


PincSys is structured with discrete modules that can be used independently or within an overarching project management environment.

A client may tailor which PincSys modules to integrate with their existing software systems, or adopt all the PincSys functionality. There are currently seven modules in PincSys



Talison Lithium – currently using PincDocs

PincDocs: Document Management and Document Control

PincDocs manages Corporate information (confidential or open access), Procedural documentation (services and operations) and project documents and drawings - or any combination of these. PincDocs can take a project from concept to decommissioning, manage Safety, HR, Finance and Commercial documents and look after correspondence and construction information. PincDocs can be configured to suit your specific requirements. PincDocs features include:

  • Cloud based system with data stored on the Clients site or hosted externally
  • Easy set-up via naming protocol and metadata upload
  • Web interface for search/view functions for all users
  • Document access and security based on user requirements
  • Linked file capability for storing and retrieving documents and drawings
  • Import and export of data from existing systems
  • Mobile access (tablet/phone) and low bandwidth for remote sites
  • Easy reporting functionality and on-hand Business Intelligence Data
  • Bulk number allocation (for place-holders)
  • Auto numbering, auto transmittal and auto squad check functionality

PincCost: Cost and construction progress and control

PincCost is a comprehensive cost and progress management tool. It is developed from the best practice project controls methodology that Pinc employs. Some of the characteristics of the system include:

  • Quantity Man-hour Reporting (QMR) – used to provide earned value construction progress measurement and contractor productivity
  • Capital Expenditure Requests (CER’s) to reconcile budget, forecast and for contingency management. This process mandates a single point of accountability for the management and reporting of a package of work (the CER scope)
  • Trending and budget change management, and multiple budget management and upload
  • Stored transaction history
  • Payment validation and processing
  • Cyclical forecast reconciliation
  • Multiple parallel coding structures, and multiple customisable user defined fields
  • Record attributes for all contracting strategies
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Invoice management

PincCom: Contracts Management and Site Administration

PincCom provides all the work processes required for the management of contracts and purchase orders and includes the following functions:

  • Package list
  • Milestone schedule
  • Pricing schedule
  • Procurement status reporting
  • Expediting – key dates
  • Integration with cost management and forecasting processes

PincCom manages the life of a contract or purchase order from the request for quotation stage through to contract formation, tender, bid review, award, administration, variation and close-out. PincCom interacts with both PincCost and PincDocs to provide a seamless commercial management package which allows for tracking and early trend identification relating to third party deliverables and completions.

PincInv: Invoice payment schedule management

PincInv© manages the tracking of invoices internally for an organisation. This module is ideally suited to an organisation that needs to manage the sign-off of invoices across multiple physical locations. Too often on a major project, invoices are misplaced or have suffered from a slow sign-off process as their whereabouts is unknown. PincInv© reduces the sign-off time and allows immediate and transparent access to the location and current status of an invoice.

PincForce: Tracking the site workforce

PincForce© manages the collection of site workforce data including shifts, numbers, man-hours and trades and also site equipment listings. Apart from assisting with managing contract administration functions, PincForce© integrates with other PincSys© applications to allow correlation with other project vectors. This is described in greater detail in the PincPI module.

PincSafe: Maintaining the safety metrics data

PincSafe© collects the safety metrics of a project and allows correlation with other project vectors such as productivity, workforce, contractor, shift, etc. This allows the management team to make informed decisions to minimise the safety risk based upon objective analysis.

This allows us to challenge existing concepts that are held by the construction industry and verify against actual statistics as to what impacts construction over the life of a project. PincSafe© generates all the project safety reporting both graphically and in table form.

PincPi: Project intelligence

PincPI© is a unique concept in modern project management systems that allows the project management team to utilise all captured project data to interrogate, reveal and correlate all project vectors. By utilising online analytical processing (OLAP) infrastructure, PincSys© delivers PincPI© project intelligence and is only limited by the amount of data collected. Some examples of its application include:

  • Correlating the impact on safety outcomes from running a nightshift
  • Safety performance of a particular contractor’s individual work crew
  • Shift vs productivity
  • Staff ratios to contractor performance

This allows us to challenge long held assumptions, reveal previously unknown relationships and identify potential risks for informed management decision making.