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Pinc Group have provided award winning project management services for a number of our high profile clients. With both a West Australian Engineering Excellence Award as well as a National Engineering Excellence Award for our work on the Utah Point Berth Project for the Pilbara Ports Authority, Pinc Group have the project management systems and services to deliver your next project.

Pinc Group’s Project Management Services has a proven track record on delivering projects at less than half the engineering and construction management costs than the majority of our competitors. Our work starts at project readiness (including systems, procedures and trained personnel). We then work within the client team as an integrated project management group for the duration of the project. We also deliver key inputs into the operational readiness process and ensure your plant, infrastructure or development is running smoothly.

As part of our project close out we do a comprehensive document, drawing and data handover through to your ERP system and you also have the option of continuing to use our systems moving forward to manage your operational costs and documents. Full project metrics are also available at handover including all costs, rates, delivery schedules and other business intelligence.

We have the right people to manage all levels of our project management services including:

  • Project, Construction and Commissioning managers
  • Safety, Environmental and Risk Management staff
  • Human Resources and Industrial Relations management and staff
  • Construction and Commissioning supervision
  • Project Services, Controls and Site Administration staff

The Pinc Group project management services software systems are web-based and can be implemented on your web-servers either on site or in your head office. This allows you to have your data controlled in-house along side your existing data on your local network or alternatively we can host your data securely if required.

Pinc Groups project management services – delivering your project with no surprises – on time and on schedule.

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     Award winning project management services on the Utah Point Multi-user Export Facility


Pinc Project Delivery Approach

The project set-up phase is critical to ensuring the project is clearly understood and the project requirements are mapped to the required outcomes. This ensures a clear delivery model is adopted and adhered too by all parties involved in the project delivery.

  • Project Readiness – The setting up of the project procedures, processes, asset and document coding and system implementation. Our procedural framework and propriety software can be customised to any project or service. The fundamentals of our control philosophies can be applied across many industry groups and will ensure efficient management of our Clients businesses.
  • Approvals Consulting - Project approvals from concept development through to project handover including the public environmental review process which Pinc Group can manage on behalf of a Client.
  • Study Management – Managing a studies team to ensure the client requirements are understood and the Basis of Design documentation is focussed and fit for purpose while lining up with the Clients funding, cost and schedule requirements.
  • Risk Management – We encourages clients to undertake an early assessment of risks and to agree on appropriate allocation of risk. We then work to agree strategies for the form and type of contracts, the amount and scope of engineering and the procurement strategy to define what is owner supplied in order to mitigate risks for the project.
  • Quality Management – Pinc Group will create all of the plans, procedures, templates and guidelines (including naming conventions, system architecture and delivery) and train your staff to the appropriate level. Upon completion, auditable requirements documentation will be delivered to allow in-house audits to be held and set against employee KPI's to ensure ongoing quality compliance.

Project Services and Controls manage scope, cost, time, risk, contracts and documentation. A key factor of a project’s success is the effectiveness with which the outputs can be integrated into common and accurate reporting. Pivotal to our project management philosophy is the requirement that the project team members communicate effectively. PincSys© contains separate but linked modules that enable each of the project disciplines to input data within their own work environment but use shared common data so the system can report in different formats and level of detail to suit different audiences.

  • Contracts Management - We understand that the selection of the appropriate contracting strategy is a critical success factor for a project. Decisions are required to be made as to the number and type of contracts, based on the scope of work, risks and contractor availability. We manage all types of contracts including fixed lump sum, schedule of rates, cost reimbursable, alliance and cost plus contracting and can form, tender, evaluate, award and administer all types of contracts.
  • Procurement - We encourage (where appropriate) that the client take control over the procurement of major equipment for ‘free issue’ to an installation contractor. This approach, when managed collaboratively with engineering, ensures the equipment procured represents value for money and is compatible with the client’s ongoing requirements for reliability and maintainability.
  • Cost Control - We understand the end-to-end processes needed to manage and report project costs. Our cost control procedures, trained personnel and software allow for the following processes to be managed; estimation of cost, establishment of control budgets, management of commitments, management of expenditure, cashflow forecasting, trending, forecast cost at completion and variance analysis.
  • Estimating – Pinc are able to draw on both the experience of our people but also our extensive historical database to generate Class 1 to 4 estimates. Having accurately collected cost and productivity metrics we are able to quickly generate quality estimates to any desired probability and utilise risk weighting techniques to generate probabilistic contingency levels.
  • Planning - Pinc creates a master schedule within the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to capture all project deliverables and to manage site access and contractor interfaces to agreed milestones. This integrates with the Cost Control system (PincCost) to generate value of work and cost/time dependent reports. We work collaboratively with our contractors to ensure their detailed schedules incorporate our project WBS which rolls-up into the project master schedule. By integrating schedule and cost we are able to produce graphical reports comparing actual vs planned quantities, value of work or any other time based metric.
  • Document Control - The Pinc document control process manages the lifecycle of technical data, procedural data and business data. Document control manages the numbering, filing, review and issue of the different datasets. A set of reports is available for all users to ensure transparency and understanding of the status of all documents managed within our in-house Document Control system (PincDocs). Using our classification process, we enable all users in both the project and operations environments to successfully retrieve documents. PincDocs is web-based and is accessible from remote sites with the data secured and hosted on either a Pinc server or a client server.

Pinc Group have successfully worked with and managed the engineering input required from the study phase through to the commissioning and handover phases ensuring focus and control are in place and outcomes suit requirements.

    Our delivery model for engineering services is for the client to contract the engineering component of a project directly on a ‘best of breed’ basis.
    Our role includes selecting and recommending the engineering service provider and the ongoing management which ensures compliance, constructability and quality.
    This approach, tied in with the procurement process allows us to ensure the best procurement delivery strategy for each project.

Pinc Group provides the following construction services to complete project delivery including full construction management teams and a comprehensive suite of construction management procedures, tools, templates and forms. Our preferred methodology is to have access to an engineering organisation to provide technical support in managing technical queries and non-conformances, in addition to the involvement of vendor representatives.

  • Construction Supervision – Construction Managers, Superintendents, Site Supervision
  • Health Safety and Environmental Management – Safety Managers
  • Site & Field Engineering
  • Quality Assurance and Administration - Quantity Surveyors, Planners, Site Administration, Contract Administration
  • Commissioning Personnel - Commissioning Managers, Superintendents, Site Supervision

Pinc Group holds a Document Control Training course each month. The full course is a two day training session that covers all aspects of Document Control including:

  • Project Document Control (Technical document management)
  • Operational Document Control
  • Corporate Document Management
  • Life of Documents
  • Project phases and their requirements
  • Life of Assets and their document management requirements
  • Project to Operations document control transitions
  • Systems, Processes, Procedures, Classification and set-up

Pinc Group provides Cost Control Training courses that covers all aspects of Cost Control including:

  • Principles of projects and cost control
  • Budget management and allocation
  • The forecasting lifecycle
  • Managing and establishing Asset and Work Breakdown Structures (ABS/WBS)
  • Managing forex
  • Quantity tracking and reporting
  • Trending
  • Commitment and payments of multiple contracting types
  • CER process