The Gold Road Gruyere Project purchases PincDocs

by / Tuesday, 04 October 2016 / Published in Latest posts, News

Pinc Group – The Gold Road Gruyere Project

Pinc Group is proud to announce that Gold Road Resources has chosen it’s document control system ‘PincDocs’ to manage the Gruyere Projects document control processes and functions.  With the Gruyere Project situated ~200km north-east of Laverton, the light foot print that PincDocs has will allow fast and easy access to all project documentation by the project team.

PincDocs functionality includes all standard document control processes (workflows, transmittals, reporting, editable standard data dictionaries, etc) in a secure web environment across all forms of deliverables (design, vendor, procedural, correspondence and construction).

With PincDocs recently undergoing a number of major functional additions as part of its ongoing development cycle, it is now one of the easiest to use, cost effective systems on the market.

The new functionality recently rolled out includes:

  • A new construction based module with free-text numbering (as opposed to the auto-numbering available in the other PincDocs modules)
  • A new workflow module for the review and approval of documents and drawings which includes:
    • Automated workflow notifications following the review, check, approval and publish cycle
    • Mark-up control of documents
    • Comment, audit and approval tracking to manage and report against each document revision history
    • In-system reporting of workflows
    • Group matrices to allow management of reviewers, checkers and approvers
    • Periodical review document management to notify Document Controllers when documents are due for review
  • A bulk upload utility that allows a Document Controller to upload document metadata and files in bulk across any of the 5 modules

There has also been a number of in-system improvements across the application that have improved the performance of the product in low-bandwidth environments to ensure all users have the fastest system response times possible.

Pinc Group is looking forward to the ongoing opportunity to work with Gold Road Resources moving forward on this exciting West Australian gold resources project.


Gold Road Resources uses PincDocs