Pinc Group PincDocs Upgrade

by / Friday, 31 July 2015 / Published in News

PincDocs – The Professional Document Management Solution

With more functionality than ever, Pinc Group’s Document Control System ‘PincDocs’ is going to receive a new look and feel in the month of August.

Historically, we have always strived to deliver a low bandwidth/smallest footprint possible for PincDocs. This is to allow a minimum imprint when used on remote sites. The new look will still continue to promote this goal but the overall feel of the application will now be similar to some of the larger windows based solutions commonly available. Simple enhancements that will make a world of difference to the users interaction with the solution.

PincDocs will benefit from an overall visual upgrade to the user interface (UI) that will reduce the footprint further but ensure the whole product has even cleaner lines and will now resemble PincCost more closely. With further enhancements to the functionality including new reports, PincDocs will continue to deliver all your project document control requirements. PincDocs seamlessly links into SharePoint which means easy access to your key documents to all the members of your various teams Рbe that policies, procedures, templates or mission statements.

.Net, cloud, simple to use, easy to implement and cost effective – no matter what your business or your need, PincDocs can manage your Document Control and Document Management requirements.

PincDocs can be installed internally on your servers or hosted externally – it is your data, they are your files. PincDocs will manage your corporate date securely and easily, it will manage your safety and procedural data with current versions always available and manage all your technical documents (design and vendor data) as well as your operational day to day data.

Accessible globally from where ever you or your teams are located, PincDocs has secure access for your key documents and the ability to allow third parties to search and retrieve procedural and technical documents for your next project.

Sharing information is a positive form of communication and communication drives a teams goals and delivery – PincDocs is the centre of your information and information is critical to solid delivery in you project, operation and workplace!