Business Improvement Solution

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Business Improvement Solution

Pinc Group – Business Improvement Solution

Pinc Group adds a Business Improvement Solution to its range of services.  For some time Pinc Group has been providing a range of business improvement solutions and services for it’s clients. We have now completed the business process definition, mapping and systems implementation requirements to help our customers reduce costs and improve productivity.

Our Business Improvement Solution includes data mining (from existing company data and project metrics) as well as both Project and Operational Readiness capability. This allows lesson learn’t  and scenario’s from historical projects to be implemented as part of project and operational risk reviews and baseline and benchmark data to be used to ensure contractor and supplier pricing and schedule is in line with expectations.

The Project Readiness component of our Business Improvement Solution includes the creation of the various coding streams and structures required to successfully manage a project. Codes for Document Control, Cost Control, Scheduling including Document numbering, commodity, work-pack and both the ABS and WBS set-up. We also implement a full set of project plans and procedures, work instructions, guidelines and templates. All of these procedural documents drive the project systems and solutions that allow successful project management.

The Operational Readiness component of our Business Improvement Solution process includes the following deliverables:

  • Integrating the project data into the maintenance and warehousing systems
  • Integrating the existing coding structures within the operational coding structures
  • Creating operational coding structures
  • Creating or revising the operational plans, procedures and processes required to manage all aspects of a successful operation
  • Implementing relevant solutions and providing training on those solutions as well as ongoing support as required

Whatever level of assistance is required, Pinc Groups Operational Improvement Solution can provide the metrics and insight into your operation so you are ahead of the issues and changing your outcomes to meet the business needs. Operational Improvement Solutions, knowing where to focus to add the highest level of value.

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