Pinc Group – The Gold Road Gruyere Project Pinc Group is proud to announce that Gold Road Resources has chosen it’s document control system ‘PincDocs’ to manage the Gruyere Projects document control processes and functions.  With the Gruyere Project situated ~200km north-east of Laverton, the light foot print that PincDocs has will allow fast and

PincDocs – New User Interface

Wednesday, 21 October 2015 by
Business Management System

 Progress with the PincDocs New User Interface Over the last 4 weeks we have been busy creating a new look (indeed a whole new interface) for PincDocs. … and while we were at it we updated a few features and got the polish on! Here’s the first look at the enter a new document screen


Technically, PincDocs proves to be miles ahead of the competition! With PincDocs latest release, not only does the system have all of the Document Management and Document Control processes available out of the box, it is also technically ahead of it’s competitors. You can search for documents using your tablet or smart phone – PincDocs

PincDocs Construction Module

Tuesday, 18 August 2015 by
Construction Module

PincDocs Now Has A New Construction Module PincDocs now has a new dedicated construction module to manage drawings and documents for contractors. Designed to increase control over the client supplied data during the tender stage as well as the ongoing construction data, the construction module will allow you to close out a project quickly helping

Pinc Group PincDocs Upgrade

Friday, 31 July 2015 by

PincDocs – The Professional Document Management Solution With more functionality than ever, Pinc Group’s Document Control System ‘PincDocs’ is going to receive a new look and feel in the month of August. Historically, we have always strived to deliver a low bandwidth/smallest footprint possible for PincDocs. This is to allow a minimum imprint when used

Pinc Group Deliver Document Management Services

Pinc Group Deliver Document Management Services for Mining, Government and Professional clients 2014 has seen a major increase as Pinc Group Deliver Document Management Services for Mining, Government and Professional clients across Australia and South East Asia. This included the completion of the following:   Document management consultancy for Western Australia’s biggest privately owned accountancy

Document Management Solutions

Document Management Solutions Pinc Group can offer document management solutions for any type of business – resources (mining, oil & gas. etc), professional (accountancy, legal, medical, etc), service providers (community, government, etc). We provide procedures, templates, systems (server or cloud based), training and support for any business that is looking to control it’s documents, deliver a semi or fully

Business Improvement Solution

Monday, 17 June 2013 by
Business Improvement Solution

Pinc Group – Business Improvement Solution Pinc Group adds a Business Improvement Solution to its range of services.  For some time Pinc Group has been providing a range of business improvement solutions and services for it’s clients. We have now completed the business process definition, mapping and systems implementation requirements to help our customers reduce